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Dear Sir or Ma'am,


Thank you for visiting Taekwon America.


We work to create a community that provides resources such as competitions, seminars, and events in one central location and for the exchange of information between Taekwondo masters, coaches, instructors, and leaders around America and beyond.


The mission of Taekwon America is to:


1. Provide a space for all Taekwondo-related information, sharing it to develop and improve the Taekwondo community in America and beyond. 


 2. Enable Taekwondo masters, coaches, and instructors to share teaching, TKD life, and business ideas, providing convenient access to information for those in the industry.


3. Create Taekwondo content to help us grow as a community.






To enable us to fulfill this mission, we follow these guiding principles:


1. Taekwon America will keep a neutral position, unaffiliated with any kwan, association, alumni, organization, company, etc. so that it can be an unbiased source of information for all Taekwondo practitioners in America and beyond 


2. We will keep our community positive. We want to work together to grow, not to compete. Therefore, any negative content may be removed at any time and any member who attempts to influence this community negatively may be restricted from the site community.  


3. We welcome any professionals who are willing to share their knowledge and experience with this community to promote Taekwondo in America and beyond, and we will provide a designated space for them to share their information with the community. We appreciate your support in advance. 




Thank you for your support. 




Team Taekwon America


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